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About Us

The Jewelry industry is governed by complex supply chains. From Mining to Manufacturing to Retail - different activities take place across different borders.

So, how do you trace the authenticity of what you buy? (chain of custody)

How do you know if you’re paying the right price for the Jewelry you’re eyeing at?

And if you’re a Seller, how do you discover new Buyers? How do you establish Trust?

We, at Ethically+, are finding answers to some of these vexing questions. By leveraging Technology, we are on a mission to Create Shared Values for Miners, Artisans, Retailers and Everyone in between. Powered by the fundamentals of Blockchain technology, Ethically+ offers a reliable Marketplace for Businesses across the world to share information and collaborate securely.


Why Ethically+?
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For Buyers

  • Discover a trusted network of suppliers and browse their multiple unique designs
  • Get the power of provenance and traceability
  • Take control of your pay outs with Buy Now Pay later or Escrow options

For Suppliers

  • Be authenticated as a credible, vetted, and transparent supplier
  • Leverage our suite of shipping, payments, marketing and other services
  • Expand your business by distributing your inventory online

For Traders

  • Become a part of a global revolution & promote ethical and sustainable trade practices
  • Pick from a wide range of gemstones, diamonds, jewelry & precious metals with verifiable authenticity
  • Trade with global Marketplace of Buyers and Suppliers with Transparent pricing

Our Products

Browse through the collections from our Suppliers of Gemstones, Diamonds, Precious Metals and Jewelry. Or place a requirement of your choice to receive quotes from them.






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Our Service Providers

Ethically+ is on a mission to create a global synergistic network of Artists and Service Providers.
No matter where you are located, if you are a Designer or a Photographer in the jewelry industry, we provide you the platform to showcase your skills, expertise and mint NFTs.

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Behind the Scenes

Mined from natural reserves, polished to perfection by the hands of a local Artisan and crafted into exquisite ornaments, every step of its journey defines this story - and, in turn, its value. With Ethically+, every stakeholder has access to the whole story and not just a part. Our platform is backed by Blockchain, a Distributed Online Ledger Technology, that helps us bring Authenticity, Transparency & Trust within the Ecosystem. Through our efforts, we hope to build an Ethically Conscious Community rooted in Transparent trade.